Major Information Talks Targeted Resumes

Major Information Dishes Advice On Targeted Resume
Major Information Dishes Advice On Targeted Resume

I was patrolling the job boards, just like they teach you at Fort Benning’s School for Boys (aka the infantry school). Here’s my SALUTE Report.

Size – Business of every description

Activity – Adding to their work rolls

Location – All over

Unit – All types from construction, to healthcare,to IT

Time – Now and for the foreseeable future

Equipment – HR departments with computers and job descriptions.

Essential Elements of Information (EEI). Recent Labor data suggests hiring of post-9/11 veterans has cooled. There is no hard and fast reason for this, other than more veterans may be in the job market. Even so, there still appears to be a knowledge gap on the part of employers concerning the abilities veterans bring to the workforce.

SOLUTION: The Targeted/Combination Resume.

That’s what today’s discussion is about the final resume in our six part review; you will find links to all the other resumes at the bottom of this piece.

Let’s take a minute to open you Ultimate Job Search Battle Book. If you don’t have it handy, or need a new one, go get it, or click on

From Ultimate Job Search
From Ultimate Job Search

Ready? Good. Flip to page 49.

Every resume we’ve discussed, up to this point, could be a Broadcast Resume or, if the objective is well constructed, a Targeted Resume. Not so with this next tool; it is a targeted resume used for a specific job listing wanting a specific set of skills.

Take quick look at the pros and cons to the left.

Let’s look a bit closer, but first —



Before you do anything else, open that master resume you made. This is the key step that saves you time and ensure quality. From this point, for the rest of your life, you will always open the master resume before you do anything else.

First it is important to remember, the targeted resume is driven by the position vacancy, or job announcement. Simply, what the employer wants is what appears on your resume.

Here’s why.

When employers post jobs either on their website, or on a job board, the company may get many resumes for a single position. Resumes that make the businesses hunt for applicant qualifications get tossed. Not only that, keyword software often scans resumes to save HR folks time and effort.

So knowing there are obscuration obstacles around the objective, what should a good vet do before venturing from his/her assault position?

That’s Right! You got it!

Defeat the obstacle by making it easy on the employer!

targetedThe first thing you do is make sure your objective matches the position and the company exactly. Take a look at the example to the left. There is no confusion about this resume. Mr. Jeffries wants to be a service rep for Accounting Software International.

This does two things. Not only does it clearly identify the position, but it helps the employer if there is more than one open position.

Next in the Highlights of Qualifications section, you need to look at the job announcement and make sure your highlights match the announcement exactly! Don’t paraphrase unless you have to (remember that key word scanning software). This is where you are helping the HR staff at the company make it easy for them to call you. They may be sorting through hundreds of resumes that might, kind of sort of, meet the job specs and then — out pops yours — THE PERFECT MATCH.

targetted2A little further down, in the relevant experience section, you can put broader information relating to the job announcement. Ensure your headings match the job specs, but you can be less literal. Not much, but less!

On the bottom half of resume, list your employment history without all the detail that goes in a chronological resume. Go from newest to oldest, but remember, we are talking about a specific resume for a specific job.

Put your education at the bottom. Education is only important if you don’t have any, or if it is specific to the job requirement.

Am I suggesting you do this for every job you apply for? ABSOLUTELY!! The information is all on you Master Resume; all you doing is copying and pasting.

Finally, when you’re done, give it to somebody who is smarter than you are and who cares enough about you to tell you the truth. Have that somebody review it. This baby has to be perfect!!

That’s it. Job Interviewing Next.


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Major Information Talks Targeted Resumes

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