1. SITUATION: The Delaware workforce Investment Board has been leveraging social media to sensitize employers to the importance of hiring veterans and reserve component members and to get veterans to use Delaware JobLink as the platform where employers and veterans can find one another. The most stubborn group of veterans to effect appears to be Gulf War Era II which has the highest unemployment rate for all veteran categories. This effort wil continue at least for 24 more months.
  2. Mission: By using social media, the Delaware Workforce Development Board educates businesses, reserve component service members and veterans about employer onboarding, veteran job searching and preparation in order to drive the unemployment rate to below that of the general public. This priority effort is Gulf War Ear II veterans (aka post 9-11).
  3. Execution: In order for our effort to rise above the noise of other social media efforts. The DWDB will use an avatar, “Major Information.” The goal is to promote the education push through the avatar similar to the same way Travelocity uses the gnome. This will be a cross platform initiative.
  4. Major Information Initiative. Below are the first general steps in the upcoming Major Info. Campaign.
  5. The first steps have already begun. Of the Five videos have been created, Major Information has appeared in two of them. He has also had multiple blog appearance in resume development advice columns.
  6. The reception has been good so far. In the two weeks they’ve been up, those videos have gotten 85 views. More are planned. These videos will be part of bigger initiatives and will piggyback on “history month” themes.
  7. Major Information also has his own email address and the goal is for it to be a place where people can ask questions about all things veteran’s employment related.
  8. Eventually we will have a #hashtag campaign featuring major information with marketing messages driving businesses and veteran job seekers to DJL.

Workshop. An employer workshop is set for 14 May at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in New Castle. This half-day event will educate employers about veterans issues and current tax advantages for hiring veterans. The DWDB will provide food. The event will be promoted via Social Media as well

  1. Content Scheduling. Although our content schedule is under construction, we will use multiple platforms to tell our Story.
  2. Twitter — We will use Twitter daily to promote DJL. Many of our posts may not be directly “commercials,” but links to sites that can help employer’s onboard vets and facilitate vets job searching.
  3. LinkedIn. We will attempt to post to LinkedIn daily. Those posts will likely also be of a helpful nature with a sales massage attached.
  4. Military Monday. Military Monday will be akin to throwback Thursday. Wher ewe will highlight a special event in history or a fun fact.
  5. YouTube – We will continue to make Major Information videos, but will begin including testimonials.
  6. Word Press – We will blog at least once per week on an issue concerning veterans employment or of concern to veterans. We will also blog about DWDB events.
  7. g+ — To the greatest extent possible we will post like crazy on g+ to get traction and test drive new ideas.
  8. Our facebook efforts are in their infancy and will largely be a place to post things that need greater expansion than twitter provides. These two will work Arm – in — Arm.
  9. Service Support. Very little logistical support is needed right now, except that the DWDB will sponsor the May event. Evelyn Abreu may be needed from time-to-time to help make videos.
  10. Command and Signal TBD

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