Updated Instructions for Provider Submissions

updatedprovider memo


FOR: ITA Providers and DOL Staff


FROM: Executive Director, Delaware Workforce Investment Board


DATE:  May 22, 2017


SUBJECT: Update to Letter of Instruction for Upcoming Submissions dated May 11, 2017 about “Factors Relating Indicator of Performance


References. Federal Register /Vol 81, No. 161/ Friday, August 19 2016, Part VI, Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, 20 CFR Parts 603, 651, 652, et al. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; Final Rule, section 680.450 (e) 2.

  1. Purpose. This memo provides updated guidance for the upcoming Provider Renewal/Initial Submission period, which begins on upon receipt of this memo and ends 7 July 2017.
  2. Track Record of Success All providers must a have a demonstrated track record of success. This track record – often called a “factor related to the indicators of performance” – ensures only high quality training programs are funded with federal/state dollars. To be included on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) providers will meet the following verifiable criteria:
  • Seventy percent of all students in a training program must have completed the program (This is a change from the previous memo).
  1. Initial eligibility. All prospective providers must submit all information required for initial submissions to be added to the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and qualify for Individual Training Account (ITA) funds. In Accordance With (IAW) 20 CFR part 680450 (a), there are no renewals this year; all submissions are initial submissions, required forms are at https://wib.delawareworks.com/individual-training-account-forms.php. Please review the forms closely.
  2. Demand Occupation List. The DWDB is aligning programs with the state’s Pathways to Prosperity initiative. The DWDB has reworked its Demand Occupation List. We will consider only those programs listed on the Demand Occupation List for ITA funding. Although I have included a copy of the list for your convenience, you can also view the list at https://wib.delawareworks.com/events/documents/propseddemandoccupationlist.pdf. Be advised this list is open for public comment (to comment go to https://wib.delawareworks.com/events/demand-occupation-list-for-public-comment.php and follow the instructions). While minor changes may occur after the public comment period, providers should ensure their submissions align with the list. If your proposed training occupation doesn’t appear on the Demand Occupation List, a provider may want to check with ONET at https://www.onetonline.org/ to see if the occupation is listed by a different title that is on the list.
  3. Flow of the Process. While it may seem initially daunting, the process is pretty straight forward.
  • Providers will complete the ITA forms and submit them to DWDB No Later Than (NLT) 7 July 2017.
  • Providers will enter proposed programs into DJL NLT 7 July. Providers are encouraged to begin immediately.
  • DWDB staff will enter the program information on a spreadsheet NLT 7 JUL 2017
  • DWDB Staff will double check DJL submissions continuously until 7 Jul 2017
  • The Board will approve Providers and Programs on 11 July 2017
  • The DWDB Staff will complete DJL approval of all programs NLT 14 July 2017
  1. Other Important Considerations. It is important to remember only the board and/or executive committee can approve a program and these bodies only meet quarterly. Therefore, if you miss this opportunity, you will have to wait until September or October.
  2. I am the point of contact for this memo at 302-761-8163 or William.Potter@state.de.us


William J. Potter

Executive Director

Delaware Workforce Investment Board


Updated Instructions for Provider Submissions

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