DDOL Responds To Jobseeker Site Breach

DOL’s JobLink jobseekers website, along with similar sites in nine other states, has been targeted by hackers. While DOL officials have worked with the company managing JobLink to eliminate the threat and secure the site, our efforts to rectify this matter continues. “We are working both closely and diligently with America’s Job Link Alliance to arrange a formal notification of this breach to all those impacted and are in the process of setting up a call center to assist us in remedying this matter,” said, DOL Secretary, Patrice Gilliam-Johnson.





DDOL Responds To Jobseeker Site Breach

Apply For Delaware Workforce Development Board Youth Scholarship

For Immediate Release

Contact: Wanda Holifield



Time is running out for Delaware youth ages 16 to 24 to apply for the Delaware Workforce Development Board (DWDB) Scholarship. Applications must be received at the DWDB office no later than 4 p.m., April 14, 2017.

The DWDB Youth Scholarship provides money for school, seminar, or skill training to help younger Delawareans achieve their career objectives.

“We are trying to help Delaware young people who need just a tad more help,” said William J. Potter, executive director of the DWDB. “This scholarship program was the brainchild of our Youth Council led by its chair George Krupanski.”

The scholarship, which has been in existence for about three years, has made awards twice.

“This scholarship only exists due to the commitment and donations of organizations like Delmarva Power and Junior Achievement of Delaware,” Potter said.

To get a scholarship application, go to http://bit.ly/2nMztq7.


The Delaware Workforce Development Board ensures the citizens of Delaware are provided with occupational training and employment service opportunities to help them achieve employment sustaining them and their families. We also seek to communicate with our business industry partners to provide them with qualified workers to meet their employment needs. The DWIB also has a very active Youth Council that has oversight for programs designed specifically to help Delaware’s at-risk and neediest youth prepare for the workforce.


Apply For Delaware Workforce Development Board Youth Scholarship

Delaware Goal Team Kick To Refine Workforce System

DWDB Chair Gary Stockbridge works with goal team members.

Bill Potter trudged into the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Naamans Rd. in Claymont, Del. on a gray Friday morning to meet facilitators from Maher & Maher, a New Jersey-based outfit specializing in workforce development.


After laying months of groundwork with senior Delaware workforce system leaders to develop a mission statement, a vision statement, and several guiding principles, Friday was show time and Bill was there to coordinate last minute stuff, before the hard work began with goal teams diving in to develop Delaware’s new workforce plan.

Bill and Beth Brinly (a VP at Maher & Maher) and two other Maher& Maher facilitators Todd Coen and Libby Livings-Eassa ordered breakfast and ironed out last minute details before 60 other workforce professionals arrived.

There were only a handful of issues.

The four moved, a little after 8:15 a.m., to the main ballroom set up with round tables and a coffee service along the back wall for everyone as they trickled in. The room, predominantly yellow, was bright and people walking in from the gray morning mist seemed to have their enthusiasm amped as they found a seat.

The Delaware Workforce Development Board (DWDB) management analyst, Wanda Holifield, and the DWDB deputy director, Robing McKinney-Newman distributed supporting documents, name tags, packets, and deconflicted last minute room assignments.

At about 9 a.m. it was off to the races as DWDB Chair Gary Stockbridge and Delaware Department of Labor Secretary Patrice Gillam-Johnson welcomed everyone and reinforce the importance of their undertaking.

Mr. Stockbridge said the people in the room were change agents and empowered to make the workforce system as dynamic and effective as they possibly could. Sec. Gilliam-Johnson said the gathering was truly reflective of the workforce system because providers, employers, One Stop Staff, education reps, and thought leaders from throughout Delaware government were ready to roll up their sleeves and make the workforce system better for employers and citizens.

After the introductions and the obligatory PowerPoint review, people moved to one of five goal teams to begin the work of developing plans in five areas:

  • Pathways
  • Process Redesign
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Resource Alignment
  • RFP Redesign

The goal teams went to separate room and for about two hours the diverse groups met, talked, analyzed, and developed detailed workplans to ensure completion of the big state plan No Later Than 1 April 2017.

At about 11 a.m. the goal teams reconvened in the larger ballroom and presented their next steps. The enormity of the task ahead and the optimism of the completing the project were universal.

When it was all over Bill Potter sat in along a side wall. He stretched his legs, stood up, and then stretched his back and thought of the old Army adage, “All of us know more, than one us.”

This is not an official publication of the Delaware Workforce Development Board.

Delaware Goal Team Kick To Refine Workforce System

Proposal Review RFP Actions

Good Morning Providers and Panelists:

I’m sure you’ve heard there is a chance of snow Sunday evening/Monday morning. Estimates range from a light dusting, to slush, or 3 to 5 inches. With that in mind, we will use decisions made by Delaware’s Office of management and Budget (OMB) regarding delays or cancellations.

Here is what will happen.

Between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. Monday I will check with OMB and then relay the information to you via email, twitter, and the DWDB facebook page. The social media handles are at the end of this email.

Here are the three scenarios:

                1. No delays. Everything goes off as planned.

                2. Two hour delay. We will adjust schedules back two hours and everything goes from there. This may require two panels to go beyond 4 p.m. We’ll see.

                3. Snow day Cancelation. I will send emails and doodle schedulers to everyone to determine the best time, place, and method to review proposals. Important note — The DWDB has an internal deadline of 5 April to complete this project. This may require a bit flexibility and creativity. Again, we’ll see.

Social Media handles:

Facebook — Delaware Workforce Development Board

Twitter @Deworkforce


I guess that’s it for now.

Keep up the great work.



Proposal Review RFP Actions

Delaware VETS Award

VETS AWARD (2)  Delaware Department of Labor- Division of Employment (DOL-DET), the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist (DVOPS), and all the One Stop Staff recently received an award for excellence from the US DOL Veterans Employment Training Services (VETS), Philadelphia Region for attaining 100 percent of all negotiated performance levels for 13 of their organizational objectives.

Delaware VETS Award

How To Comment Request for Information Collection for the WIOA Performance Management

How to comment on the performance information we talked about yesterday.

Go to http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=ETA-2015-0007 and click on http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=ETA-2015-0007. Titled Comment Request for Information Collection for the WIOA Performance Management, Information, and Reporting System (OMB Control No. 1205-0NEW), new collection. Read that document.

Go back to the previous page, scroll down to Primary Documents and click on the View All hyperlink. Click on the Eligible Training Provider (ETP) Performance Report Template and review that document. You are – of course – free to view the others as well.

Go back to http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=ETA-2015-0007 and click on the comment now button, follow the instructions and then you’re done.

How To Comment Request for Information Collection for the WIOA Performance Management