Work Search is Back for UI Recipients

WILMINGTON, DE – The Delaware Department of Labor (DOL) will require Unemployment Benefit recipients to look for work and register in Delaware JobLink ( in order to qualify for benefits or to continue to receive UI benefits, effective June 12, 2021. Starting on that date, claimants must register with JobLink, which includes creating or uploading a resume. In addition to registering, claimants must complete at least one unique job search a week to remain eligible.

JobLink is an internet-based system where employers and job seekers create and post jobs and resumes. It also serves as a way to match job seekers with employers who have jobs available now.

“Delawareans are getting vaccinated, and businesses are reopening and expanding hours of service,” said Secretary of Labor Karryl Hubbard.  “Thousands of jobs are currently available and UI claimants want to get back to work.  JobLink is a key tool for connecting potential employees to employers.

Prior to the pandemic, registration in JobLink and active job search were required.  However,  the job search requirement was waived on March 16, 2020, in response to the public health and economic crisis.

With thousands of jobs available, claimants should check to ensure they are properly registered. Being registered in JobLink gives people access to active job openings,  information about the most in-demand occupations by industry and on-the-job training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Once claimants are registered at JobLink, they can begin their weekly required job search. For more information on how to record job searches clients can refer to the Unemployment Insurance Guide to Unemployment, which is available at

It is important to ensure that claimants are aware of the coming deadlines related to UI benefits and DOL is planning a number of customized communications that will go out to affected claimant groups to ensure that everyone is aware of the unique requirements that apply to them. DOL has already begun reminding benefit seekers about the upcoming change by telephone and its website.

“With nearly a month to complete the JobLink registration, we are seeking to provide Delawareans ample time to comply with the reinstatement of these requirements, said Darryl Scott, Director of Unemployment Insurance with DOL. “We want to strongly encourage people to start this process now.”

Unemployment benefits are available to workers in Delaware that are unemployed through no fault of their own, who are ready and able to accept work, who are actively seeking work and whose past income meets a minimum amount based on an 18-month base period.

Work Search is Back for UI Recipients

Drone Workforce Solutions: Tenacity Paying Off


            Crazy huh?

About four years ago I was sitting in my office at the Delaware Department of Labor Building at 4425 North Main Street in Wilmington Del and the lady out front gave me a shout.

“Bill, your two o’clock is here.”

“Put him in the Blue Room and I’ll be right in.”

I gathered my stuff, told the two ladies who work with me that our two o’clock was there, and off we went.

We walked into the cavernous blue walled conference room (hence the name Blue Room) and standing there was Theo Nix Jr., a tall thin African American man, with what looked like novelty toys strewn across the very official dark brown faux-cherry table.

That’s kind of where it started – at least for the Delaware Workforce Development Board.

You see, Mr. Nix, President of Drone Workforce Solutions (DWS), and the DWS Drone School had a vision.

He saw a workforce landscape where he trained drone pilots to prepare them, for what he believed, would be good paying jobs. He saw drones being used for law enforcement, infrastructure inspections, and real estate development. He saw a school where all students would come learn drone fundamentals and begin carving out a well-paid life.

Mr. Nix gave me the a very nice presentation, flew the drones around the conference room and made his pitch.

Not quite sure what I was seeing but sensing there was something there, I told Mr. Nix how to apply to become a training provider for the publicly funded workforce system.

Even so, I half expected to never see him again.

Me? I saw toys.

Him? He saw the future.

Turns out he was right; I was wrong.

The reason I know this is last week Drone Workforce Solutions was hired by a communications company to begin inspection service of cell phone towers in the Northeast United States.

Mr. Nix told me his services would be used to ensure more than 25,000 towers remained up and ready.

“This 18-month initial project with possible expansion of thousands of more cell towers is a tremendous opportunity for those drone operators looking for work and to those looking to get into this $100 Billion industry,” Mr. Nix said.

Drone Workforce Solutions will need to hire people to help to meet that commitment, he said.

Even so, to move from vision to reality took a lot of work.

He opened his school about four years ago with a grant from the Delaware Department of Labor. He also opened an employment arm that places and/or hires graduates.

Mr. Nix claims the DWS Drone School has a significant advantage over other drone workforce training entities.

“We have secret sauce here,” he said. “The technology is expanding so fast (it is hard to keep up), but we can move quickly to embrace (the) change.”

For Mr. Nix and his school the sky really doesn’t seem to be the limit. Afterall, a drone (euphemistically called a helicopter) was recently flying on Mars.

“NASA is using drones. What does that tell you?”

To find out about Drone Workforce Solutions go to DWS – Drone Workforce Solutions to find out more about the school, go to Online Drone Courses in Wilmington, DE | DWS Drone School.

Drone Workforce Solutions: Tenacity Paying Off

Delaware’s 6th Annual One-Stop (Workforce Development) System Convening, “Bounce Forward” is 5/12/21

For Immediate Release

Contact: Hope Ellsworth, One-Stop Operator


Staff professionals from Delaware’s publicly funded workforce system are gathering, virtually, next week to share ideas, successes, innovations and struggles after the year of COVID-19.  Our goal is to share information to better enable staff to help First State job seekers and employers after the challenges of 2020.

“This is a vital part of improving the state’s workforce system,” said Bill Potter, Executive Director of the Delaware Workforce Development Board. “The goal is for people doing the daily hard work of preparing Delawareans for the future workplace to find out what their partners are doing and develop relationships that can help job seekers and employers.”

The 6th Annual One-Stop System Convening, “Bouncing Forward” will be held, virtually, on Wednesday, May 12th from 9am – 1:45pm.  This year’s Convening includes workshops focusing on supporting people to move past trauma, as well as a motivational keynote provided by Delaware’s Coach Darrell Andrews entitled:  “Bounce Forward with Strategies for Workforce Development Motivation”.

There will also be “Work from Home Tech Tips”, Pre-Convening Workshops, for staff to be held on 5/10/21 covering Google Drive, fillable PDF forms and useful/free information available online.

Convening events are a part of a larger initiative in Delaware which brings system Partners together to increase coordination as they strive to provide a full range of services (job seeker, education, human and social services). 

The goal of Delaware’s One-Stop System is to:  “work in alignment and coordination to provide Delaware’s workers with the skills, credentials and support necessary to secure and advance in employment with family-sustaining wages and to provide local employers with the skilled workers the employers need to succeed in a global economy”.

Delaware’s 6th Annual One-Stop (Workforce Development) System Convening, “Bounce Forward” is 5/12/21

Polytech’s Partnership with Governor Carney’s Forward Delaware Initiative Leads to Employment for Newly Trained Workers in Transportation and Logistics, Construction, and Healthcare

By Carrie Danner – Marketing & Outreach Coordinator, Division of Employment & Training, Delaware Department of Labor

April 15, 2021

Wilmington, DE – Jeremy McEntire from Polytech Adult Education Division and I recently discussed the Forward Delaware program’s success story from a training provider perspective on the NEW podcast, Delaware Works NewsBits, hosted by the Delaware Workforce Development Board and supported by the Delaware Department of Labor

“As the goal of Forward Delaware is to get people back to work, the partnership made sense,” said Jeremy McEntire, Assistant Director for Polytech Adult Education. McEntire oversees workforce and apprentice programs at Polytech.

Polytech Adult Education, previously known as Kent Vo-tech, has been a provider of workforce training since 1964 – including apprenticeship and trade extension programs. As a part of the State’s Forward Delaware initiative, Polytech is offering training opportunities in the areas of Transportation and Logistics, Construction, and Healthcare. Polytech offers a wide range of other programs, but chose the areas listed above because they offer immediate employment with courses that run a few months or less – like the forklift course runs for a few days (pictured). Many of the courses also connect to more extensive programs that offer continuing education opportunities.

Polytech has a Career Services office that is constantly reaching out to local partners, including employers, industry associations, and the Delaware Department of Labor. Many employers reach out to Polytech when they have employment needs because of past relationships and their reputation. They have found that once an employer realizes what a resource Polytech can be, they tend to stay in close contact. It is also important to find the right match between participant and program. They start with an information session, followed with an interview, and an assessment – making sure that it is a reasonable fit, which will increase the likelihood of successful achievement of program goals – obtaining skills and employment.

Jeremy insists that “persistence and commitment are essential.” He says that many of their students have several barriers and challenges, including taking classes while working full-time, competing family interests. “The skills required to persist through such challenges are the same ones that will help them to succeed in the job search and continue to succeed once they are employed.” McEntire says that Polytech’s dedicated staff and faculty are essential to the programs continued success. He shares the importance of how the instructors bring real-world expertise and the outstanding staff who make it all work. You can tell that they love what they do, but they will be the first to admit that it does not mean it comes easy. When he hears success stories from graduates, it is a reminder of why we do what they do – it’s the magic sauce that brings Polytech success as a valued training provider for Delawareans.

Listen to the podcast for the full interview here: A Chat with Jeremy McEntire from Polytech Adult Education.

For more information about Polytech’s training opportunities, go to

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Polytech’s Partnership with Governor Carney’s Forward Delaware Initiative Leads to Employment for Newly Trained Workers in Transportation and Logistics, Construction, and Healthcare

Dawn Career Institute Wants to Help You Hire Newly Trained Workers

I’ve got this stand of crocuses in my backyard. They are tucked away at the base of an old fig tree and every spring they bloom first. Bright Blue flowers pushing through the heavy blanket of long dead grey fig leaves.

And this year the symbolism isn’t lost on me.

Good news – it seems – comes in bunches, like my crocus patch.

Here’s why.

Just when more brand-new workers are finishing their Forward Delaware training, the First State seems to be pulling itself from the COVID slog.

Vaccinations are up ;employers see potential in the months ahead; and a ready supply of motivated workers waits in the wings.

That supply waiting to impact Delaware’s economy is due in large part to the collection of training providers which quickly put together workforce programs to help Delaware recover from the pandemic.

Who knew the timing would be so perfect?

I recently had the chance to chat with two leaders from training provider Dawn Career Institute: Shaun Carney, Director of Admissions and Student Support, and Campus President Michael Glanz. Both men work out of Dawn’s Newark Location, 252 Chapman Road in Newark, Del.

Dawn Career Institute has — or will soon have —  CDL truck drivers ready to roll and Certified Nursing Assistants to help patch us up. Both programs were on the Forward Delaware menu and take four and six weeks respectively to complete.

The two men told me that Forward Delaware was a fast moving state initiative bringing together employers, training providers, and government leaders.

“It was kind of a no-brainer, Mr. Glanz said “It matched up perfectly with our mission here, which is to prepare Delaware residents for jobs.

“It was grab a bar as (the train) went by and hold on for dear life.”

And they did. But it was more than that because they seem to think this economic downturn not only hit people in their pocketbooks, but also their psyches.

“People really got shaken by this and just how fast the economic situation changed,” Mr. Carney said. “People were really shaken to their core.”

Because the booming economy went bust so fast, many people began reconsidering their career choices and that led some to look at skills that might be more insulated from the vagaries of economic surprise, Mr. Glanz said.

Enter Dawn Training Institute with its menu of on campus programs to facilitate that reconsideration:

» Advanced Class A CDL Driving
» Advanced-Esthetician
» Class A CDL Driving
» Dental Assistant
» HVAC-Technician
» Medical Assisting
» Medical Billing and Coding
» Nursing Assistant

While Dawn can provide the training and help with job placement, the common indicator of success for people entering training is personal drive.

“The drive and determination of people coming through the door is really what’s going to propel them,” Mr. Carney said.

To hear the two men tell it, there’s a vibe to Dawn – a crafted vibe

“I think it’s just a matter of the atmosphere and the morale of the place,” Mr. Glanz said. “At the end of the day, (a student is) here for a reason and (they) want to be a ‘fill in the blank,’ and that’s our goal too. If you come at it from that end, I just think it makes for a great experience.”

As forward Delaware training providers begin graduating students, employers have the opportunity to hire newly trained workers who are hungry for success. And that is a boon to Delaware business and the economy.

Back to the crocuses.

Eventually the sparkling blue flowers from my crocus stand will drop off and all that will be left is beautiful greenery, and the roots.

And it’s the roots that count in crocuses and Delaware’s Workforce.

To hire newly minted Forward Delaware drivers and CNAs from Dawn Career institute, call Deana Green at 2-302-2733560 at extension 107. To find out about taking career courses go to or call Shawn Carney at302-225-7269.

To hear part I of our interview go to A Chat With Dawn Career Institute by Delaware Works Newsbits • A podcast on Anchor

Dawn Career Institute Wants to Help You Hire Newly Trained Workers

Forward Delaware Providers Have Trained Workers Ready NOW!!!!

Dear Logistics and Transportation Employers:

If you need drivers, stop what you are doing, read this, and then get on that information superhighway and drive over to and get some. And while Forward Delaware has many wonderful transportation providers, today we’re talking about American Driver Training Academy (ADTA).

Jaden McKinley CEO/Director at American Driver
Training shows off one of her “Big Rigs.”

They are ready to help you. You need well trained drivers? They got them.

I spent some time this week with ADTA Director Jaden McKinley and she told me all about the school. I want to share the highlights of the conversation, but first some ‘Fun Facts.”

  • Truck Driver training is the single most popular program funded by the Delaware Workforce Development Board (DWDB);
  • There are a handful of training providers more popular ADTA, but they offer skill training in multiple disciplines; and
  • Of all the truck driving programs available, ADTA is far and away the most popular of DWDB funded training programs.

Ms. McKinley attributes much of the ADTA success to its job placement strategy.

“I imagine American Driver Training Academy’s commitment to job placement weighed heavily as training providers were selected for Froward Delaware,” she said “We have a lifetime job placement guarantee and our staff is dedicated to each and every graduate.”

And that pays big dividends for the school because they’ve carved out a stellar reputation, Ms. McKinley said.

“ADTA has develop long lasting relationships with local and national employers. They are familiar with the quality of American driver graduates.”

Even so, staff dedication starts before the school even begins as each application is reviewed three times to ensure students don’t have any barriers that would inhibit their success, Ms. McKinley told me. She cited such things as bad driving records raising concerns for applicants.

“We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money,” she said.

Finding magic formulas can be elusive, but for ADTA, there seems to be a recipe for success.

“Our magic sauce isn’t any secret ingredient it’s just the perfect measurement of the perfect ingredients,” Ms. McKinley said. “First is our attention to detail; second the program is precise and accountable; and the last thing – honestly – is our team spirit. Everyone here is dedicated to the success of our students.”

To go through the ADTA program takes 160 hours. A person can complete the program in four weeks if they take the full-time option, or 10 weeks if they take a parttime or night training option.

“We train to drive the big rigs,” she said. “We even teach on manual (and automatic) transmission trucks, so our graduates don’t have any restrictions on their license(s).”

She said many places are moving to automatic transmission, but the ability to use both gives her graduates an edge in case a fleet of trucks has a mix of vehicles.

While truck driving continues to be a male dominated profession, women are making huge strides, she said, noting that a recent class had three women out of five students.

As our conversation ended, Ms. McKinley said there is a common trait for her most successful students.

“The largest commonality in the most successful students is belief in oneself,” she said and went on to remind me of the child’s story, “The Little Engine That Could.”

“Without belief you that can make it up that hill, the top seems very far away.”

Forward Delaware Providers Have Trained Workers Ready NOW!!!!

THE WORKERS ARE COMING! THE WORKERS ARE COMING: Forward Delaware Has Newly Trained Workers for Hire

Delaware job seekers who took advantage of DOL training opportunities are beginning to graduate from Forward Delaware Training Providers. Employers, go to and find out what’s available for you. Elbert Douglas works on a big rig at Delaware’s own American Truck Driver Training Academy. don’t miss out!

It’s happening. It’s really happening.

The workers employers are always saying they want, are here. And all they need is a place to ply their new skills.

Many lost their jobs when the pandemic swept through our state last year and they dug down deep and came back swinging looking for new skills to increase their marketability.

They got those skills through training programs available through Forward Delaware.

They could choose from:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction and Trades
  • Hospitality and Food Service
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Computers and IT

And all that’s true, but so is this: They’re hungry for success and ready to contribute.

For the next few months this blog will tell their stories in hopes of raising awareness about availability of these future fantastic workers.

So stay tuned and remember what Zig Ziglar says, “Don’t strike while the iron is hot; make the iron hot by striking.”

If you are an employer and want to get ahead of the crowd. Go to Forward Delaware | Rapidly Training Delaware’s Workforce  scroll down to “looking for employees” and get started.

THE WORKERS ARE COMING! THE WORKERS ARE COMING: Forward Delaware Has Newly Trained Workers for Hire